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Children Short Stories | Matt and The Hat!! 


Children Short Stories | Matt and The Hat tells the story of a nice kid that was bullied at school, but became good friends with the very kid that bullied him. Here is how the story goes.

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Matt who lived in a ranch in a small town called Magical.  Matt was kind of short and skinny, but he was a very kind kid that didn't give his parents, or anyone else for that matter, any kind of problems.  But, as is the case in many schools, Matt was bullied by a big chubby kid named Woody.  He never spoke of or complained about Woody to anyone, but deep inside, he knew that one day he'd stand up to him and get him back for all the things he did to him.  

One day, Matt was relaxing and reading a book that had a few children short stories in the backyard, when he noticed that his dog Marty was digging under one of the trees in the backyard.  Marty always played around and dug little holes here and there, but this time, the hole was so deep that Matt could only see Marty's head, as the rest of his body was in the hole.  Matt thought that Marty was looking for his bone that he usually buries in the yard.  He went over to see if he could help Marty find his bone.  

Matt, armed with a shovel, started to dig next to Marty's hole.  He stopped when he hit a hard object that sounded like wood.  He moved the little dirt covering the object, and sure enough, there was a tiny wooden box buried in the dirt.  Matt pulled the box out and opened it.  He was surprised to find a little, funny looking hat in it.  He was wondering why anyone would go through all that hassle just to hide a hat.  

Matt put the hat on his head and ran in the house to show his mom.  

"Mom! Mom! Look what I found buried in a box in the backyard!", Matt yelled excitedly.  His mom was cooking in the kitchen, but didn't answer him.

So Matt said again, "Mom! Do you like this hat? I found it buried in the backyard."  Again there was no answer from his mom.

"Mom! Are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong? Why are you ignoring me?" Silence again.

Matt felt bad; he thought something really bad must have happened, as his mom never ignored him like that before.  He started walking away, as he took the hat off and threw it out the door to the backyard.  

"Oh, Matt, there you are!  I was wondering where you were, " his mom said.

Matt turned back towards his mom with a puzzled look on his face.  "Yes mom, I'm here, I've been here for a few minutes.  You mean you didn't hear me talking to you a minute ago?"

"No honey, I didn't.  What did you want?"

Matt realized that the hat had something to do with what happened, because he was sure that he spoke louder than enough for his mom to hear him, and there was no way she couldn't have seen him as he stood right before her eyes. She only saw him when he threw the hat away. So he decided not to tell his mom about it for now.  

"Nothing, mom, I just asked you what you were cooking."

"Oh, I'm making mac and cheese for you sweetie, it'll be ready soon."

"Great mom, thank you, " Matt said while running out to get the hat.

Matt put the hat back on and ran back inside to see if his mom could see him.  Just as he thought, his mom didn't.  He spoke to her again, and she didn't answer.  At that point, he knew for sure that the hat he found was some kind of a magical hat, as when he put it on, no one could see or hear him.  He ran to his room and hid the hat in his closet.

Matt decided to keep the hat for a while, before telling his parents about it.  He had plans; he wanted to get back his school bully Woody.  Matt couldn't wait for the morning so he could go to school.  He woke up early, brushed his teeth, ate his breakfast, and waited by the door for the school bus.  As soon as he got off the bus, he walked into the school building, found a spot where no one was around, and put the hat on his head.  Soon after, he saw Woody, walking in the hallway.  He ran towards him and stuck his foot in front of him, and tripped him.  Woody jumped up, looked around to see what he tripped on, but found nothing, and no one was even close to him.  He thought he just tripped over his shoe lace, and kept on moving.  A minute later, Matt did it to him again, and everyone in the hallway was laughing.  Woody was very mad, and told everyone to stop laughing, before he beat them all up.  

Matt pulled the bookbag off of Woody's back and threw it on the floor.  At this point, Woody started to panic, because he didn't know what was going on, but he knew that something was wrong.  He started crying.  Matt felt so bad for him, and he thought that he'd had enough.  When no one was looking, he moved away from the crowd, took the hat off, and came back to comfort Woody.  Woody was scared, and so Matt took him aside, and asked everyone to leave him alone.   

"I want to tell you a little secret, Woody, " Matt said.  "But swear that you won't tell anyone."

Woody replied, "Okay, I swear I won't."

Matt told Woody that it was him that had been taunting him all along and that he felt really bad. But he was trying to get him back for all the bad things that he did to him.  Woody said, "No way! How come I didn't see you? Or at least, hear you?"

"That is the secret that I'm about to tell you, " Matt responded.  

Woody looked so puzzled.  "What secret? You keep telling me that you're going to tell me a secret.  What are you talking about?" 

"See this hat? It is magical.  When I put it on, no one can see or hear me, and that's what I used to get back at you, but realized  that was the wrong thing to do, because I remembered how I used to feel when you would bully me, and that you cannot correct a wrong with another wrong.  So that's why I stopped, and decided  to tell you the truth, " Matt explained.

"'Are you telling the truth?" Woody asked.  "Is that hat really magical? Can I try it on?"

"Sure thing, but let's find a spot where nobody can see us, " Matt answered.

So Woody tried the hat on, and walked out to the hallway to see if what Matt said was true.  He started talking to one of the students, and the kid didn't pay him any mind, as if he wasn't there.  Woody realized that Matt was telling the truth.

Woody said, "Good, good! I could use this hat to mess around with all the kids! Would you be my friend, and lend it to me?"

Matt said, "I'll lend it to you, but you have to promise not to mess with anybody, and be a good boy from now on!"

Woody agreed, and Matt lent him the hat that day, and they became best of friends.


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