14 July 2024

The Generous Master

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a kind and generous master. This master had twelve servants, each one lazier than the one before. Instead of helping out, they spent days sleeping, eating, and doing nothing of value for their kind master.

The Golden Harvest

One year, something extraordinary happened. The master’s fields were filled with golden wheat, ripe and ready for harvest. Yet, despite the abundance, those idle servants kept on sleeping, paying no heed to the golden opportunity before them.

The Master’s Decision

Feeling quite disappointed, the master made up his mind to leave those servants behind. Off he went on a journey, hoping to find new helpers who would appreciate the golden harvest. As for the lazy bunch, they were left with nothing but their own laziness and a growing sense of regret.

The Enchanted Forest

Deep into an enchanted forest wandered the master, where trees whispered secrets and sunlight danced through leaves. Here, he stumbled upon a wise old man with eyes as clear as the truth itself. “I’ve got a test for you,” the old man said, his voice echoing like a gentle breeze. Curious and hopeful, the master nodded.

Before them appeared a magic mirror, its surface shimmering with possibilities. “Look and see the truth,” the wise man invited.

The Reflection

Gazing into the mirror, the master found no reflection of himself, but rather, he saw his servants in their usual states: lounging and idling without care. A wave of sadness washed over him, realizing their happiness was far from reach in their current state.

“True joy,” the wise man began, “comes not from what you have, but from the contentment and productivity of those around you.” Words that struck a chord in the master’s heart, igniting a flame of determination.

The Journey Home

With newfound resolve, the master retraced his steps home, thoughts swirling with plans for change. On his way, he encountered his servants, one after another, each caught in their idle habits.

“Join me,” he offered, extending a hand of redemption. “Let’s bring in the golden harvest together.” Surprised by his return and moved by his proposition, they agreed, one by one, ready to turn over a new leaf.

The Idle Servants’ Redemption

In the blink of an eye, each servant decided to make amends for their past laziness. With newfound determination, they pledged to help with the harvest. Sunup to sundown, they toiled, their hands moving like never before to cut down the ripe wheat. Watching from afar, their master’s face lit up with a mix of surprise and pride at the sight of their transformation.

The Golden Harvest

Under a sky painted with hues of orange and pink, the last of the wheat was finally stored away. That evening, a feast unlike any other was held. Laughter and music filled the air, a true celebration of their collective achievement. Each servant, now beaming with pride, realized the joy that comes from hard work. The master, in turn, showered them with praise, acknowledging each one’s effort in the journey to redemption.

The Happiness of the Master

As days turned into nights and seasons changed, the master found his heart brimming with joy. The unity and diligence of his servants not only brought prosperity to his lands but also filled his home with laughter and contentment. He knew then that the true treasure was not in the golden wheat they had harvested, but in the lessons learned and the bonds strengthened through their shared journey. This tale, woven with threads of mischief and redemption, forever serves as a reminder of the transformation that dedication and teamwork can bring about.

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