14 July 2024

The Birth of Snow-White

In a far-off kingdom, under skies wide and blue, there lived a queen with a heart so true. Fairest of all, with a smile so bright, she longed for a child—a bundle of delight. As snowflakes danced and covered the land in white, her deepest wish was granted one starry night. A baby girl, with skin as fair as snow, was born, her joy and the queen’s heart did adorn. They named her Snow-White, for she was as pure as the winter’s first snow, a name that fit just right.

The Wicked Stepmother

But joy turned to sorrow too quickly, it seemed. The queen passed away, and the king dreamed of love once more. So, he took a wife, another queen, sharp as a knife. This queen, oh so fair, had a heart cold and bare. Vanity consumed her, with beauty none could compare. But when she saw Snow-White, growing so fair, jealousy sparked, a dangerous flare. She despised her stepdaughter, a threat to her throne, in her heart, seeds of wickedness were sown.

The Magic Mirror

In her chamber, hidden from all, stood a mirror, grand and tall. This mirror held magic, dark and deep, answering questions, even in sleep. “Who’s the fairest?” she’d often inquire. But the mirror’s truths would kindle her ire. As Snow-White grew, her beauty unmatched, the queen’s fury and envy were newly hatched. Each day brought a storm, brewing inside, as the mirror revealed what the queen couldn’t hide.

The Huntsman’s Deception

Well, would you believe what the queen did next? She called over the huntsman, whispering a dark command to take Snow-White deep into the forest and ensure she never returned. But here’s the twist: the huntsman, with a heart of gold, couldn’t do it. Instead of following the queen’s grim orders, he led Snow-White to safety, leaving her at the doorstep of a quaint little cottage hidden among towering trees, where laughter and warmth filled the air. He whispered a promise to keep her safe, then vanished back into the shadows of the trees, leaving Snow-White to discover the wonders that awaited her inside.

The Dwarfs’ Protection

Knocking gently on the door, Snow-White was greeted by faces that were most curious and kind. Seven dwarfs, each with their own quirky grin, welcomed her with open arms. In no time at all, they became her new family. They shared their home, their meals, and most importantly, their protection. From sunrise to sunset, the dwarfs and Snow-White shared stories and songs, laughter echoing through the forest. Each night, they promised to keep her safe from the evil that lurked beyond the trees. And so, Snow-White found happiness and a sense of belonging in the most unexpected of places.

The Poisoned Apple

But, as fate would have it, tranquility was not to last. The queen, with malice in her heart, discovered Snow-White was still very much alive. Consumed by envy, she concocted a vile plan. Disguised as an old peddler woman, she crept to the cottage with a basket of apples, one of which was coated in a deadly poison. Despite the dwarfs’ warnings, Snow-White, ever so trusting, accepted the seemingly kind gesture. With a single bite, darkness enveloped her, and she fell into a deep, cursed slumber, leaving the dwarfs in despair and the forest in mournful silence.

The Prince’s Arrival

One fine day, as sunbeams danced through the leaves, a prince wandered into the forest. He was on a journey to find the most beautiful maiden in the land. Imagine his surprise when he stumbled upon a quaint cottage, hidden among towering trees. Inside, he found Snow-White, lying still as if in a deep slumber. Her beauty took his breath away, and without a second thought, he kissed her gently on the forehead. Lo and behold, Snow-White’s eyes fluttered open, and she awoke from her enchanted sleep.

The Wicked Queen’s End

News of Snow-White’s awakening spread like wildfire. When the wicked queen heard, her heart filled was with dread and anger. She put on her cloak and set off to see this for herself. But fate had other plans. As she neared the cottage, her foot slipped, and she tumbled headfirst into a vat of boiling water that the dwarfs had left outside. There was no escape, and that was the end of her cruel deeds.

The Marriage and the Happy Ending

Not long after, Snow-White and the prince decided to tie the knot. It was a splendid affair, with guests from far and wide. Laughter and music filled the air, and everyone celebrated the union of the lovely couple. They settled in a magnificent castle, where their love flourished. Snow-White’s kindness touched the hearts of all who lived in the kingdom, bringing joy and peace to the land. And thus, they lived happily ever after, their lives a testament to the power of love and kindness.

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