14 July 2024

The Ordinary Brother

Once upon a time, in a quaint little village nestled between rolling hills and dense forest, lived three brothers. Eldest was a farmer, middle one a carpenter, and youngest, Hans, was strongest and bravest of all.

The Wicked Witch

Deep in heart of enchanted forest, there lived an evil witch. Known to lure innocent travelers into her clutches, she turned them into animals or caused them harm.

The Brave Encounter

One day, as Hans was on his way to fetch water from well, he stumbled upon witch’s lair. Instead of running away, he stood his ground and challenged witch to a duel. With his immense strength and unwavering courage, Hans managed to defeat witch and save village from her wickedness.

The Search for Love

After his victory over the evil witch, Hans felt a void in his life that strength and bravery couldn’t fill. He yearned for love and companionship, something or someone to share his adventures and victories with. So, off he went, beyond the rolling hills, past the familiar trees of the enchanted forest, in search of his heart’s desire.

His quest took him to distant lands, where mountains kissed the sky and rivers sang sweet melodies. In every village, he met new faces, heard tales of love lost and found, but none touched his heart. Hans wasn’t looking for just any love; he sought a love that was pure and true, a bond that would stand the test of time.

The Golden Apple Tree

Then, one day, as fate would have it, Hans stumbled upon a sight so wondrous it took his breath away—a golden apple tree, its branches heavy with shimmering fruits that seemed to glow with an inner light. Legends whispered of this tree, of its power to bestow true love upon those who dared to eat its golden apples.

But this was no easy feat, for the tree was guarded by a fierce dragon, scales as black as night, eyes like burning coals. Many had tried to claim a golden apple, yet none had succeeded, turned away by the dragon’s fiery breath or ensnared in its mighty claws.

Hans, however, was not like the others. He had faced darkness and emerged victorious. With a heart full of hope and hands ready for battle, he stepped forward. The dragon roared, a sound that would have frozen the bravest of hearts, but Hans stood his ground.

The Test of Love

With courage as his shield and love as his sword, Hans engaged the dragon in a battle of wills. They danced a deadly dance, strength matched against strength, until, with a swift move, Hans found his opening and struck. The dragon, bested by Hans’s unmatched bravery, bowed its head in defeat and vanished into the mist, leaving behind only the golden apple tree basking in the sunlight.

Trembling with anticipation, Hans reached out and plucked a single golden apple from the tree. Its skin was warm to the touch, as if filled with life and magic. With the apple in his hand, he knew his journey was at an end. It was time to return home, to the village that awaited his return, to the faces that had become a distant memory.

Hans’s heart beat with excitement and a hint of nervousness. Would the magic of the golden apple lead him to the love he so desperately sought? Only time would tell, but he was ready to face this new adventure, for he knew that true love was the greatest adventure of them all.

The Wedding

Not long after Hans returned, preparations for a grand wedding were underway. Everyone in the village lent a hand, adorning streets with flowers and colorful ribbons. On the day of the wedding, Hans stood tall and proud, his heart brimming with love and joy. As his bride walked towards him, her smile was the most enchanting sight he’d ever seen. Their vows were simple yet heartfelt, promising to stand by each other through thick and thin. Cheers and laughter filled the air as they sealed their love with a kiss, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

The Marriage

Life for Hans and his bride flourished like the golden apple tree that had brought them together. They were blessed with children who grew strong and kind, each carrying a piece of their parents’ courage and love. The village prospered too, for Hans shared his wisdom and strength, ensuring no one was left in need. Every year, on the anniversary of their union, a grand feast was held, celebrating not just their love but the unity and happiness of the entire village.

The Legacy

Years went by, but the story of Strong Hans never faded. Parents told their children of his bravery, his battles with witches and dragons, and his quest for true love. His legacy inspired generations, teaching them the value of courage, kindness, and perseverance. Through every telling, Hans’s adventures continued to spark wonder and hope, proving that even the simplest of hearts can harbor the strength to change the world.

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