21 June 2024

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived two brothers, Ferry and Rudi. They were the sons of a kind and wealthy merchant. The brothers lived in a beautiful house filled with gold and precious gems. Their father worked hard to provide for them, but they were disobedient and ungrateful.

One day, their father received a magical golden bird as a gift from a wise traveler. The bird was so beautiful that it shone brightly in the sun. Ferry and Rudi were enchanted by the bird and begged their father to let them have it. But their father refused, knowing that the bird was a precious gift.

In their anger, the brothers plotted against their father. One night, while their father was away on a business trip, they sneaked into his room and stole the golden bird. They hid it in a secret place, planning to sell it and live a life of luxury.

But their plan backfired. The next day, when their father returned home, he discovered that the golden bird was missing. He was heartbroken and scolded his sons for their disobedience. Ferry and Rudi were filled with guilt and remorse.

The Wise Traveler’s Advice

Lost in reflection about their past deeds, Ferry and Rudi wandered deeper into the woods. Here, amidst ancient trees whispering secrets to the wind, they stumbled upon the same wise traveler who had gifted their father the golden bird. His eyes sparkled with a knowledge of things unseen and unspoken. Recognizing the sorrow and regret in the brothers’ hearts, he decided to offer them a path to redemption.

“There exists a magical garden,” he began, his voice as calming as the gentle flow of a mountain stream, “in which grows a tree with golden apples. These apples possess the power to heal wounds of the heart and soul, bringing unparalleled happiness to those who partake in their sweetness.”

Eager for a chance to right their wrongs, Ferry and Rudi leaned in, their curiosity piqued. “How can we find this garden?” they asked in unison, their voices tinged with hope.

The Tasks and Trials

The traveler’s gaze softened, aware of the arduous journey that lay ahead of them. “To reach the garden,” he explained, “you must first complete three tasks. These will test your bravery, resolve, and the purity of your intentions.”

He continued, outlining the tasks in detail. “Your first challenge is to find a white dove in the silver forest, a creature as pure as the driven snow. Next, you must seek out a golden rooster that crows but thrice a year and pluck one of its radiant feathers. Lastly, you are to enter the garden and pick a golden apple from the tree itself.”

Ferry and Rudi listened intently, committing each word to memory. Though the tasks seemed daunting, the fire of determination burned brightly within them.

The Brothers’ Journey

With the wise traveler’s advice echoing in their minds, Ferry and Rudi embarked on their journey. Each step took them further from their past mistakes and closer to redemption. Their path was fraught with challenges, from treacherous mountain passes to dark forests where shadows whispered and eyes glinted from the underbrush.

Yet, through it all, the brothers discovered a strength they did not know they possessed. They faced each trial with courage, their bond growing stronger with every obstacle they overcame. When one faltered, the other was there to offer support, reminding them of the purpose of their quest.

Together, they found the silver forest, its trees shimmering like moonlight on water. Here, amidst the serene beauty, they spotted the white dove, a symbol of purity and hope. With gentle words and open hearts, they approached the creature, which allowed itself to be caught without resistance.

Their spirits lifted by this first success, Ferry and Rudi pressed on, their sights set on the golden rooster. Their journey led them to a sun-drenched valley where the rooster resided, its feathers gleaming like the sun’s own rays. With patience and care, they managed to pluck a single feather, its warmth pulsating in their hands.

Now, with only the final task before them, the brothers approached the garden with a mix of excitement and apprehension. The golden apple awaited them, the key to their redemption and a symbol of their growth and learning.

The Completion of the Tasks

Having faced many challenges, Ferry and Rudi finally completed their daunting tasks. With the white dove gently cooing in its cage, the shimmering feathers of the golden rooster safely tucked away, and a golden apple, glowing softly in their hands, they made their way back to the wise traveler. Their journey had been long and fraught with perils, yet it had brought them closer, teaching them the value of perseverance and brotherhood.

The Reward

Upon their return, the wise traveler greeted them with a warm, knowing smile. “Well done,” he said, leading them through a winding path that they had not noticed before. As they walked, the surroundings transformed gradually until they stood at the edge of the most enchanting garden they had ever seen. Golden apples hung from the branches of a majestic tree, their sweet fragrance filling the air. Ferry and Rudi tasted the apples, and instantly, a sense of deep happiness and contentment washed over them. They had found the magical garden, but more importantly, they had discovered the joy of achieving something through hard work and determination.

The Brothers’ Redemption

With hearts full of joy and a newfound understanding, Ferry and Rudi returned home to their father. Holding the golden bird gently in their hands, they apologized for their past mistakes and asked for his forgiveness. Tears welled up in their father’s eyes as he embraced them, his heart overflowing with love and relief. He forgave them, not just with words, but with an embrace that spoke volumes of his unconditional love.

From that day forward, Ferry and Rudi lived their lives with gratitude, cherishing every moment with their family. They had learned that true happiness doesn’t come from material wealth, but from love, forgiveness, and the bonds that tie us to those we hold dear. Together, they had turned a tale of disobedience into one of redemption, and their lives were all the richer for it.

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