14 July 2024

The Anxious Prince

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there was a prince named Edward. This prince, oh, he was not just any prince. He was kind, he was brave, and yes, very, very handsome. But, Prince Edward had a big worry. He wanted to find a wife, not just any wife, but a real princess. A lady so gentle and of such fine nature, she could feel a pea under a mountain of mattresses.

The Search Begins

So, what did Prince Edward do? He sent out messages all over the kingdom. “Come to the castle,” he said, “and prove you’re a true princess.” His plan was simple but very clever. He would hide a small pea under twenty mattresses and twenty feather-beds. Then, he would see if any of the princesses could feel it. “Only a real princess could feel a pea through all that,” he thought.

The False Princesses

Rain poured heavily as carriages arrived one after another, bringing princesses from every corner of the land. With heads held high and noses in the air, they boasted of their noble birth and exquisite sensitivity. Yet, night after night, each princess slept undisturbed, unaware of the pea hidden beneath the mountain of mattresses and feather-beds. Morning light revealed their lack of discomfort, and thus, their claims of true princesshood were found wanting. Prince Edward’s hope waned with each passing day, his dream of finding a real princess seeming more like chasing shadows.

The True Princess

On a particularly stormy night, when the wind howled like wolves and the rain seemed endless, a knock echoed through the castle halls. There, at the gate, stood a young woman, drenched from head to toe, seeking shelter. Unlike the others, her appearance was modest, her attire soaked, yet her eyes sparkled with a blend of hope and determination. “I am Princess Wanda,” she declared, her voice steady despite her shivering form. “I’ve traveled far, braving this tempest in search of my destiny.” Her sincerity and the raw truth in her gaze stirred something in Prince Edward’s heart.

The Test

Skeptical but intrigued, Prince Edward arranged for the test, placing not one but three peas beneath the twenty mattresses and feather-beds, thinking, “If she is a true princess, even this will not escape her notice.” Night enveloped the castle, a silence so deep it seemed the world held its breath. Yet, as dawn’s first light crept through the curtains, a sleepy-eyed but restless Princess Wanda emerged. “Is something amiss?” the Prince asked, trying to mask his anticipation. With a gentle voice, Wanda replied, “Indeed, I scarcely closed my eyes all night. I felt as if I were lying on small, hard lumps, causing me such discomfort.” Her words, filled with a genuine lack of rest, sparked joy in Prince Edward’s heart.

The True Love

After Princess Wanda accepted Prince Edward’s proposal, plans for a royal wedding began. Workers buzzed around the castle, decorating and preparing for the grandest wedding the kingdom had ever seen. Flowers adorned every corner, and the air was filled with the sweet scent of roses and lilies.

On the day of the wedding, Princess Wanda looked stunning in a gown of silk and lace, her smile brightening the room more than any candle could. Prince Edward, dressed in his finest royal attire, couldn’t take his eyes off her. As they exchanged vows, everyone in the kingdom felt a warmth in their hearts, witnessing a love so genuine and pure.

The celebration that followed was nothing short of magical. Music filled the air, and laughter echoed through the halls. Guests from near and far danced until their feet were sore, feasting on delicacies that seemed to never end.

As the night drew to a close, the newlyweds shared a dance under the stars, their hearts beating as one. They knew that their life together was just beginning, a journey filled with love, laughter, and the promise of many happy days to come.

The Lesson

From that day forward, the story of Princess Wanda and Prince Edward became a cherished tale in the kingdom. It was a story shared with children at bedtime, a reminder that true royalty comes from within.

Parents would tell their little ones of the princess who felt a pea through twenty mattresses and twenty feather-beds, not to boast of her delicacy, but to teach them about the importance of sensitivity and kindness.

For in the end, the tale of Princess Wanda and Prince Edward wasn’t just about finding a true princess or celebrating a royal wedding. It was a lesson that true sensitivity and refinement shine brightest in acts of kindness, understanding, and the courage to be true to oneself.

So, as the stars twinkled above the kingdom, and the moon watched over the land, every heart was filled with the hope of embracing their own true sensitivity, just like the princess and the prince in this timeless tale.

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