14 July 2024


Long, long ago, in a far-off kingdom, there lived two beautiful sisters, White Rose and Black Rose. As different as night and day, they adored each other immensely. White Rose shone like the morning sun, with golden hair and cheeks pink as dawn. Black Rose, in contrast, had the mystery of the night in her raven hair and deep, soulful eyes.

Envious Queen

Their stepmother, a wicked Queen, boiled with envy. Seeing her stepdaughters outshine her own child, a plain princess, made her bitter. Plotting day and night, she hatched a plan to rid herself of the radiant sisters.

Magic Forest

One bright morning, the Queen sent her guards into the enchanted Magic Forest, a place where the sisters often played. Her order was clear: bring back White Rose and Black Rose. But the guards returned empty-handed. The forest, alive with magic, kept the sisters safe from harm, hiding them in its emerald embrace.

The Enchanted Creatures

Lost deeper in the Magic Forest than ever before, White Rose and Black Rose came across a clearing where enchanted creatures danced. These were no ordinary animals; they had the gift of speech and magic at their disposal. “You must prove your love for one another,” they declared, their voices echoing softly among the trees.

The Test

“What is the most beautiful thing in the world?” they asked. White Rose gazed into a clear forest pool, its waters as smooth as glass. She saw her reflection, bright and shining, and offered it. “My reflection represents the beauty of caring for others,” she said. Black Rose, with a gentle smile, placed her hand over her heart. “And I offer my heart, for what’s more beautiful than pure love?” The enchanted creatures, moved by their words and gestures, knew then that the sisters’ love for each other was true and deep.

The Return

With the magic of the forest now on their side, White Rose and Black Rose made their way back home. They found their castle in shambles, ruins where once there had been beauty and laughter. Yet, with hearts full of love and the magic of the forest behind them, they set to work. Bit by bit, stone by stone, they healed the wounded land. Flowers bloomed, rivers flowed with renewed vigor, and the castle walls rose once more, stronger and more splendid than ever.

The Grateful People

In that kingdom, joy and laughter filled the air as citizens gathered to honor White Rose and Black Rose. Songs were sung, and dances danced, all in praise of the brave sisters. Little ones ran with flowers in their hair, while elders shared stories of the sisters’ courage and kindness. “For their love,” they said, “we’ve seen our darkest days turn bright again.”

The Magic Forest

Now, the Magic Forest stood not as a place to fear, but as a haven for all. Enchanted creatures frolicked freely, guardians of the peace that now reigned. White Rose and Black Rose, hand in hand, often wandered its paths, their laughter echoing among the trees. With each visit, they reminded everyone that love, pure and true, was the strongest magic of all.

The End

Through years, the story of the White Bride and the Black Bride, a tale of love, courage, and unity, was told at every hearth, becoming a cherished legacy. Children nestled close, eyes wide with wonder, as they learned of the sisters’ journey—a journey that taught them the value of love and the strength found in family bonds.

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